Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dragonletters and Ponygraphs

Chapter One

So, we were all standing there, around the table, gazing at the wonderful pie. It was truly beautiful and the aroma... well... let's just say it was enough to make a cactus and a rock fornicate.

Steve (CLICK ME TO SEE BLOG) was there, his eye's were fixated on the pie. It was a fresh moist and crisp pie. We knew it bared some sort of fruity goodness inside of it, but of the which we did not know. It was a strong aroma of apples, and blueberries and rhubarb and raspberries and something else.

There was something else in this pie that sat there that we could not figure out.

"WHAT DOTH EITH INNIT" said the post-medieval communicatively challenged David Derpison (CLICK ME TO SEE BLOG).

David Derpison was a strange lad. He wore a bucket as a mask, for reasons "thou cannot explainith". He was jolly, but sometimes jolly at inappropriate times. One time our gang was in a church, praying to the guys at blizzard to give us cataclysm beta keys when David Derpison shouts out "THE HOLY WATER IS STALE", immediately the priest tried to kick his ass, but David jumped onto a nun with his jousting stick and fractured the old priests pinky finger. David was in a coma for 3 months afterwards.