Monday, September 13, 2010

LAN Content - DVD Ripping

Alright so I myself can't wait to (get a job) go to the GGF LAN on the 2-3rd of october.

Details if your an aussie are here -> www.lansmash.com <-

I looooooove lans. Can't get enough of them. It's like shoving a needle in my veins and being hooked up to heroin for the entire weekend.

Basically I love just leeching as much as I can (I also upload a fair dinkum) and then spending the next month sorting and categorizing all the TV/Movies/Docus/Games etc.

Finding out what's good and what's junk

My storage ain't that great right now. Looking to extend with another 2TB before the next LAN hopefully.

Currently my OS and a few steam games are running off C:, which is my SSD (Super Quick). Got the bad boy off ebay for $121 AU which is a bargain. Only problem is it's small. Which is cool, I haven't played many games recently (Killing floor / tf2 / hf2 ), it's the speed of windows booting up and bottlenecks that i'm worried about.

D: - Says it has movies but currently its just TV shows, I have over 1TB of TV and that will soon increase next LAN. This is why I need the 2TB heh, I'll fill the 377GB in a few hours.

E: - That was my original OS HDD, it's a RAID0 of 2x 500GB drives. Currently it's my bitch drive, which I load all my DVD rips onto and then sort them onto the other drives.

H: Elements - Portable drive 1TB has all my movies on it temporarily. Once I get the 2TB then movies are going onto D drive.

I: Jazzys Portable - This just has anime and documentaries on it and some programs applications.

So I've found out that my favorite series (Buffy / Angel) were not at the LANs. And a friend wanted me to get them, so since I had the DVDs I took matters into my own hands. I wanted to rip all DVDs that I did have as backup onto my storage devices.

I have found a good DVD Ripping software that i have uploaded at the end of this post.

Basically bypasses protection software and can rip straight to AVI files (worked better than mkvs)

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NE58B94O  - It's an .exe file so your antivirus may think it's bad.

Remember only use this program to BACK UP your files. They aren't for sharing with other people.


  1. I would love to be in a "guild"/"clan" with you
    just keep that in mind... if you ever end up starting one send me a comment or w/e and i will gladly do what you posted..


  2. "It's like shoving a needle in my veins and being hooked up to heroin for the entire weekend."

    Dude I know exactly how you feel!

  3. "And a shitload of pr0n was share that day"

  4. thas cool and i added a 2tb drive to my compy recently and i'm having trouble filling it up games and pronz. also get alien on steam swarm its awesome and free on steam

  5. I'll pass, I wouldn't have time to watch all this stuff. :P